How Do I Become Number One on Google?

Big winners in the pay-per-click marketing world are consistently improving their campaigns by using proven methods that deliver results. What they understand is that you must continually change*.

What Will We Do For You?

First we integrate conversion tracking software into your website to provide the "under-the-hood" look at precisely what traffic is driving the desired campaign results. Then we initiate a total optimization of your keywords and ad groupings to create effective tightly-knit "ad word" clusters. Third, we use our proven competitive market analysis methods and advanced software tools to leverage your competitive, existing, pay-per-click efforts. Fourth, we expand your keywords using our proprietary methodology to provide you with the optimum market coverage for your niche by using regular bid optimization based on your desired goal for the price of a lead/sale. Then, over time, we start the process of fine tuning your campaign and your budget. Of course, we will discuss this with you initially and follow-up regularly to ensure you are maximizing your profits.

Eventually we will have a more complete analysis of your current pay-per-click efforts using Google Adwords. Once your Adwords campaigns have reached your desired metric, we can then work with your MSN adCenter and Yahoo Search Marketing Center account too, if you so choose.

Since it is your account, you will have access to all of the reports that are available. These reports can be easily accessed through the account's web based control panel. So, not only will we be watching and seeing the results as they unfold, but you can too!

We have found in our ten-plus-years of managing pay-per-click campaigns that the most equitable compensation for our professional services is to charge for the hours it takes to complete each individual assignment and then continue maintenance with a monthly fee. We don't have a high up-front charge and can usually work over time within almost any budget. Of course, you will have to spend money advertising or else our analysis and efforts will be useless. We do not charge a fee based upon your advertising budget either. What you decide to pay in advertising costs is decided by you and can be altered by you at any time. Nor, do we setup your advertising account. You setup and own your own account - we are just contracted to analyze and improve it for you.

At Red Queen Software, you are not forced into signing a long-term contract. Anytime you wish to discontinue using our management services, just contact us, and no further billing will occur. Since we are providing an ongoing service, no refunds will apply.

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For the last 10+ years here at Red Queen Software we have spent our limited resources to drive customers to our website to buy our own products and services using pay-per-click advertising . During that same time we've helped others perfect their own company's effective pay-per-click advertising. We're more than confident that we can help your company succeed too!

Please contact us to schedule a pay-per-click consultation.

* Like the Red Queen said to Alice, `Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!'
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