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Search engine optimization isn't so much a set of rules as it is a moving target that is always evolving*.

Standard practices for the first generation of search engines no longer play an important part in how today's search engines determine your page rank. Things like META tags, key words, word spamming and the like, forced the web-bot designers to create spam filtering for things like key word stuffing and same color text.

When the portals appeared, search engines began to look like link farms and overstuffed telephone directories rather than legitimate search directories. If you did a search and could not find what you were looking for, over time, you would stop using the search engine. So, the search engine designers knew they would have to address this problem in order to remain relevant*.

Second generation search engines have changed all of that as they have become more sophisticated to include evaluation criteria like: themes, tracking clicks, page reputation, link popularity, temporal tracking, and link quality. Then they started adding in term vectors, stats analysis, cache data, and context where two-word keyword pairs were extracted from a page to better categorize it.

Now, if that doesn't blow your mind, the up and coming third generation search engine optimization will. Third generation search engines have added word stemming and a thesaurus on top of a term vector database to assist in keeping a search in context. Auto extraction of keyword pairs also helps the search engine to automatically categorize a page, where searches like 'shop for' or 'find' trigger totally different search results based on the context or intent of the person doing the searching.

Third generation search engine optimization is now adding Web maps which, although are not searchable, they are a useful filtering tool to help get rid of duplicate sites and the many stand alone pages that drive traffic to only a few destinations. This means pages like doorways, gateways, entry, splash, or whatever you want to call them, will soon get filtered out of the search engines.

W3C compliance is becoming an emerging search engine optimization factor also. Web-bots searching web pages are becoming less tolerant of non-compliant web page coding. When they encounter syntax errors the web-bot will retreat and that page and further links will not be indexed. The reason, un-maintained websites need to be removed from the search engines because their relevancy diminishes over time. The thought behind this is that only relevant websites are worthy of being maintained and kept up-to-date. So, if there is no sign of updating, the assumption is that the page author must feel that the content has become irrelevant. Even if the content is still relevant, the web-bot designers know that there are now other and better means for the searcher to find the information like: Wikipedias, dictionaries, and so on.

And, if you think that "Hummingbird " is a cute little bird that flies around your backyard, you are really in trouble! Just watch your search rankings go down the hole as Google implements their new hummingbird version with over 200 SEO signals!

What this all means is that you will have to rethink, rework, redesign, and spend a lot more of your time just to keep in the same place*. Call us, we can help save you time and money.

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"Red Queen Software reworked my website and brought me from no listing in Google to number one!"
Mark Johnson,
Motion Media Communications

Here at Red Queen Software we strive to help our clients achieve the best possible search engine optimization for their websites. We have ten years of search engine optimization experience, professional software engineers to verify W3C compliance and a comprehensive understanding of how all of the components have to work together in order to get your website listed near the top.

Please contact us to schedule a all-inclusive SEO site evaluation.

* Like the Red Queen said to Alice, `Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!'
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