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The crux of our website consulting services is based around doing a website survey and evaluation. This is the essential part of determining if your website is W3C compliant, Search Engine Optimized, or ready for pay-per-click advertising. Without doing a survey and evaluation we really don't know what your needs are or how much it may cost to provide any of our other website services. Of course, you can always hire us just on a per-hour basis, too.

Not many companies want to open up their costs of services to a carte blanche scenario of paying by the hour. We understand this, and that is why we recommend our website survey and evaluation service. If the job requirements are well defined in the beginning, no one will be surprised when the bill arrives. The problem with the working by-the-hour situation is that usually the person that make a request for additional work frequently has a different amount of time in their head that the job will take compared to what it actually takes. We often hear: "Oh, that won't take long at all... just to do this one little thing." Sometimes it really doesn't take a lot of time. And then again, sometimes it does.

Work can also be preformed on a fix budget basis too. Where the work stops at a predefined budgeted amount. Again, there is a problem with this methodology. It maybe a great way to keep within the budget, but not always a great way to get the project completed. If you want us to work to a fixed budget don't be surprised that when we stop, a portion of the website may not work.

We have been doing this kind of consulting work now for a very long time. We strive to be fair with our clients when it comes to our fees but we need to remain true to ourselves and get paid for the work that we do. With that said, we always recommend that you first get a website survey and evaluation. The cost estimate for the website survey and evaluation is of course free. The amount we charge for the website survey and evaluation is usually far less than most people would guess. It remains inexpensive because we aren't doing any changes in the programming or modifications to the website; we are just looking at what is there. We report back with an estimation of what it will costs to do the work, but not a report or list of what needs to be specifically done. Because we don't write a report is the reason that we can keep the costs of our website survey and evaluation at a reasonable rate for our clients.

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The first thing you will need to do is to get a free estimate for your website survey and evaluation.

Please contact us to schedule a website survey and evaluation.

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